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Getting Started

What are Skilled Nursing Facilities?

Licensed by the state's Department of Health Services, Skilled nursing facilities have regulation and inspection requirements and provide medical care for patients

Services Offered in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Services offered in skilled nursing facilities offers high levels of care to individuals for health conditions requiring 24/7 monitoring by a medical staff.

Compare to Assisted Living

A look at the differences between assisted living and nursing homes services: facility size, staff training, residents, cost, and number of facilities in the U.S.

Myths about Nursing Homes

Today's nursing home is very different from the care given many years ago. In the past, a nursing home looked like a hospital but not today.

Nursing Home Staff

Every nursing home staff member plays an important role and has responsibility in making improved nursing home care a reality by bringing excellence

Nursing Home Administrators

A nursing home administrator is a licensed health care professional and chief executive officer for the skilled nursing facility that operates 24/7/365.

Paying for Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Costs

Here are the numbers for nursing homes costs for each state. The list shows how costs vary across the country.

Paying for a Nursing Home

Here are ways to pay for long-term care costs that puts strain and stress on the elderly and their family members to pay for nursing home care

Medicare and Nursing Homes

To be covered by Medicare for nursing home services you must meet certain criteria like staying 3 days in the hospital

Medicaid and Nursing Homes

If you have limited assets and a low-income, Medicaid might help you pay for nursing home care depending on State Medicaid eligibility rules.

Will Social Security Cover Nursing Home Costs

If you need for nursing home care and don't have the assets or a long-term care insurance plan to pay for it, use Social Security to help pay for some cost.

Making the Move

How to Find a Nursing Home

If you're looking for skilled nursing care, you might be under fire to locate one fast due to surgery or deteriorating health episode.

What to Look For When Touring a Nursing Home

Here's a guide to help you assess a nursing home during a tour when looking at skilled nursing facilities

Moving Into a Nursing Home

Moving into a nursing home is usually prompted by a debilitating chronic condition or a terminal condition requiring advanced medical care.

Nursing Home Checklist

Checklist for moving to a nursing home after selecting the facility. Here's what to take, pack,and move.

Nursing Home Trends

One changing trend in nursing home care points to fewer residents need certified beds, yet many have increased needs.

Nursing Home Technology

Technologies in nursing homes focus on remote health and safety monitoring systems which improve the care quality and efficiencies.

Medicare Quality Data

Better understand the meaning of the numerous metrics that Medicare provides for each and every nursing home that accepts Medicare.

Living in Skilled Nursing

Resident Care in Nursing Homes

Resident care remains at the center of the care planning process in nursing homes. The staff participates in listening, observing and adapts to person's changing needs.

Nursing Home Safety

Assessing a nursing home's safety is first step to improving the culture. It's the first step for family members to take when in search of a nursing home for a loved one.

Resident Activities

How families help loved ones get involved in nursing home activities to increase quality of care and physical functioning.

Loneliness in Nursing Homes

Loneliness, the feeling of emptiness, causes suffering for people at any age. But it's especially difficult for older adults living in a nursing home.

Alzheimer's Care in Nursing Homes

People living with Alzheimer's lose self-abilities like bathing, grooming, cooking, learning new information and making decisions. They need nursing home care.

Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

A prevalent form of elder abuse happening in nursing home facilities is neglect. Here are the signs to l

Helpful Organizations

The following websites contain various information regarding skilled nursing information

skilled nursing facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities, more commonly known as nursing homes, are a healthcare option for seniors that are in need of constant medical attention. Nursing homes provide the skilled nursing care, appropriate medical monitoring and assistance with activities of daily living that many elderly persons require as they age and suffer various health setbacks.

SkilledNursingFacilities.org is a senior care resource that offers a nationwide directory of nursing homes. For over 15,600 nursing homes in our directory, we provide detailed Medicare quality ratings, inspection information and filed complaints to help consumers research the best skilled nursing care options. We also strive to offer extensive information relevant to assist consumers during their senior healthcare search.

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