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Helpful Organizations
Nursing Home Resources

Helpful Organizations
Helpful Organizations

We have compiled the extensive list of national and state level organizations that regulate, administer or work with nursing homes.

We have organized the list via those National Organizations and those at the state level which are included in our nursing home directory..

National Organizations

Claims & Billing

(For Railroad Retirement beneficiaries only) - Part B bills and services.

RRB Carrier - Railroad Retirement Board Carrier
Local: (877) 288-7600
Tollfree: (888) 355-9165

Medicare Secondary Payer, and who pays first.

Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center (BCRC)
Local TDD: (855) 797-2627
Tollfree: (855) 798-2627

Reporting fraud.

OIG (DHHS) -- Office of the Inspector General (Department of Health and Human Services)
Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Inspector General
Local: (202) 619-1343
Tollfree: (800) 447-8477
Tollfree TDD: (800) 377-4950

Complaints About My Care or Services

Finding a voluntary list of patients' rights in a hospital.

American Hospital Association
Local: (312) 422-3000
Tollfree: (800) 424-4301

Finding out if urgent care centers and ambulatory surgical centers are accredited or not.

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care
Local: (847) 853-6060

Finding out if your health care organization is accredited or not.

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
Local: (630) 792-5800

Requesting external reviews of Medicare managed care denials.

Center for Health Dispute Resolution (CHDR)
MAXIMUS Center for Health Dispute Resolution (CHDR)
Local: (585) 425-5210

General Health & Health Conditions

Discussing health concerns, medicines, and other issues important to older people.

National Institute on Aging Information Center
Tollfree: (800) 222-2225
Tollfree TDD: (800) 222-4225

Finding information on heart disease.

American Heart Association
Local: (214) 570-2000
Tollfree: (800) 242-8721
Spanish: (800) 242-8721

Obtaining materials/forms for income tax filing and how Medicare Savings Accounts can affect my income taxes.

Internal Revenue Service
Tollfree: (800) 829-1040

Ordering brochures on "Choosing a Hospital, Choosing Treatments and Choosing a Hospital."

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Tollfree: (800) 358-9295
Tollfree TDD: (888) 586-6340

Health Care Facilities & Services in My Area

Finding necessary and convenient services that serve the elderly in their community.

Eldercare Location
DC longterm care Ombudsman program
Local: (202) 434-2120
Tollfree: (800) 677-1116

Finding specific health support groups in your area.

American Self-Help Clearinghouse
Local: (973) 989-1122
Tollfree: (800) 367-6274

Help with My Medicare Options & Issues

(For Railroad Retirement beneficiaries only) - RRB benefits, lost RRB Medicare card, address change, and enrolling in Medicare.

RRB -- Railroad Retirement Board
Railroad Retirement Board
Local Notes: Additional Email:
Local TDD: (312) 751-4701
Tollfree: (877) 772-5772
Tollfree Notes: Additional Fax # 904-232-2874

Changing my address, Medicare Part A or Part B, lost Medicare card, and Social Security benefits.

SSA -- Social Security Administration
Social Security Administration
Tollfree: (800) 772-1213
Tollfree Notes: 7am-7pm M-F (24x7 automated service as well)

General Medicare information, ordering Medicare booklets, and information about health plans.

Tollfree: (800) 633-4227

Other Insurance Programs

Children's Health Insurance Program

CHIP -- Insure Kids Now
Children's Health Insurance Program
Tollfree: (877) 543-7669

Claims and other issues for retired federal employees and their dependents/survivors.

Office of Personnel Management\retire
Local: (202) 606-1800
Local TDD: (202) 606-2532
Tollfree: (888) 767-6738
Tollfree TDD: (800) 878-5707

Information and services about homes and communities for citizens and for HUD's current and potential home buyers.

HUD -- U.S. Department of Housing
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Local: (202) 708-1112
Local TDD: (202) 708-1455
Tollfree: (800) 569-4287

VA medical benefits.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Tollfree: (800) 827-1000

Whether I qualify for military retiree health care benefits.

Department of Defense
Local: (703) 571-3343

Regional and State Organizations

Please choose your state to view organizations that serve your area

Carol Marak
Carol Marak

After seven years of helping her aging parents, Carol Marak has become a dedicated senior care writer. Since 2007, she has been doing the research to find answers to common concerns: housing, aging and health, staying safe and independent, and planning long-term.