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Nursing Home Costs
Nursing Home Costs by State

Cost of Nursing Home Care

The cost of nursing homes varies significantly between facilities across the nation and even within the same city. Please understand that the numbers listed below should only be used as estimates of what a person would expect to pay and that rates change constantly.

The costs listed below are only for Medicare-certified facilities which account for more than 90% of nursing homes in the United States. Much of the data comes from the Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey which is the most comprehensive study of its kind. Genworth Financial surveyed nearly 25% of nursing homes. Standard charges usually include services beyond just a room including meals, laundries, and basic supervision. There are additional costs for services beyond the basics including prescription medication administration or additional nursing services. We urge you to ask for a specific price quote as well as a complete estimate of ALL services included while requesting information from ANY nursing home. We analyze the nursing home costs below.

Compare Costs by Type of Senior Care

Care TypeNational Average Cost
Home Health Care
8 hours per week
Adult Day Care
Weekdays only
Assisted Living$3,600
Homemaker Services
44 hours per week
Home Health Care
44 hours per week
Nursing Home
Semi-Private - double occupancy room for one person
Nursing Home
Private - single occupancy room for one person

Nursing Home Costs by State

** The map uses the median of nursing home costs for a semi-private room (double occupancy).

Monthly Cost of Nursing Homes

StateSemi Private Room
(Double Occupancy, Rate per Person)
Private Room
Min CostMedianMax CostMin CostMedianMax Cost
New Hampshire$7,756$9,612$14,752$8,365$10,190$15,634
New Jersey$7,026$9,733$12,958$7,574$10,646$13,657
New Mexico$4,867$6,220$12,167$5,323$7,118$14,387
New York$6,083$10,980$32,850$6,874$11,370$32,850
North Carolina$3,103$6,266$9,612$3,285$6,844$19,163
North Dakota$4,715$8,365$12,380$5,140$8,745$12,380
Rhode Island$5,080$7,756$10,281$5,779$8,593$10,828
South Carolina$2,920$5,779$10,068$3,711$6,251$10,615
South Dakota$5,049$6,064$7,574$5,353$6,448$7,817
Washington D.C.$8,213$8,213$8,213$8,213$8,213$8,213
West Virginia$5,962$8,562$10,798$6,388$8,969$11,102

Nursing Home Cost Analysis

Nursing home costs are higher than other types of long-term care because nursing homes offer the highest level of care for older Americans by providing medical care. If a resident needs prolonged care by a nurse, then an assisted living facility or home health care is not the best type of care. Even though nursing home costs rank very high, it doesn't mean that you can't find an affordable one. You just need to know where to look and what the baseline prices are.

The states with the most costly monthly rates for a private room in a nursing home:

  1. Alaska - $23,451
  2. Connecticut - $13,231
  3. Massachusetts - $11,632
  4. New York - $11,370
  5. Hawaii - $11,254

The states with the least costly monthly rates for a private room in a nursing home are:

  1. Oklahoma - $5,019
  2. Missouri - $5,064
  3. Louisiana - $5,171
  4. Kansas - $5,475
  5. Arkansas - $5,475

State Costs Vary by Region and Length of Stay

Nursing home costs by state vary depending upon the geographical region. They also depend on the length of stay. For example, If you are looking for quality nursing homes in Nevada, expect to pay a different amount than you would in Colorado, or even Florida. In large part, nursing home costs depend on the real estate value in the area, after all, you're paying for housing and the care needs. That means that states and cities with high costs of living will also see higher nursing home costs than those in less expensive areas.

Nearly one in 10 residents (75 to 84) live in a nursing home for five or more years, three in 10 (same age group) stay less than 100 days, the maximum duration covered by Medicare. Convalescent nursing home care, which follows a major surgery or post-hospital visit is short-term and usually covered by Medicare.

Nursing Home Costs Depend On Labor

Nursing shortages in a number of states, including California and Florida, mean that senior citizens who require skilled nursing services may have to pay a premium in order to receive care. The supply and demand aspect of the healthcare job market affects nursing home costs as well. Some surveys indicating that the cost to hire qualified medical professionals in Nevada increases the hourly fees by a dollar or two, which can add up over the course of a year. In general, the average cost is more than $50,000, according to the AARP, although a number of factors influence it.

Nursing Home Costs Depend on Length of Stay

The cost of a stay in a nursing home depends upon the type of admission; short-term or long-term. While short-term care are (usually) covered by Medicare but only for eligible individuals. A long-term care stay is not paid by Medicare and requires alternative pay options. A long-term pay option is Medicaid, but an individual must qualify.

Nursing Home Costs Depend on Services Required

The cost of long-term care includes the types of care needed and the duration received. For example, extra charges come into play when needs extend beyond the basic room, meals, and housekeeping charges. Some care homes offer "all-inclusive" fees. To determine what "extra" services a loved one requires, ask:

  • Do you want your loved one to have their own personal room, or to share a room with another resident?
  • Does your relative show symptoms of dementia? They may require specialized Alzheimer's care.

Like any other type of housing, families considering nursing home costs need to understand that small choices like individual rooms versus shared occupancy is a significant factor in the annual cost.

Nursing Home Costs Vary By Facility and Vacancies

Like any other housing option, nursing homes operate on the basis of supply and demand. Monthly room rent or daily care rates can adjust if the facility is new or if it has a number of vacancies. If you are considering a skilled nursing home facility, keep in mind that you are able to negotiate reductions in rates based on these conditions, without affecting the care of a loved one. View other options to pay for the nursing home costs.

Senior Care Cost Resources

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